Restaurante Alfaia


since 1880

OPEN EVERYDAY from 12 PM to 2 AM
Kitchen closes at 1 AM - Terrace closes at Midnight

OPEN EVERYDAY from 12 PM to 2 AM
Kitchen closes at 1 AM - Terrace closes at Midnight


Great food and better wines

Known for serving ‘great food and better wines’ Alfaia Restaurant is a cozy place in the heart of Bairro Alto in Lisbon, where tradition and modernity meets at the same table. This is how we are recognized among the lovers of typical Portuguese food, that we have been serving since 1880 in a varied menu in which features regional recipes such as Calf Maronesa (portuguese meat from a DOP region), Octopus in Olive Oil, the Pataniscas (cod fish cake) with rice and beans, Bacalhau à Braz (Cod and fries speciality), and a variety of fresh fish, but where you can also find international cuisine.

But Alfaia Restaurant is much more than a place to eat where food combines with pleasure. Here, in addition to the kitchen, the wine-cellar is also unique and the wine list is irresistible. A wide range of Portuguese wines results in ‘happy pairings’ with the dishes that come to the table. The pleasure starts with the entrances and extends without haste, to dessert being sublimated with many good options of ports and muscats. A Portuguese gourmet experience that you can’t miss!


Under the direction of brothers Hilario Castro and the Chef Vitalina Marques, the Alfaia Restaurant features a cuisine simple in form but varied, careful and very rich in flavors. Over the years the Alfaia Restaurant has managed to preserve its strong Portuguese character, and has been one of the main meeting points of public figures, journalists, artists, politicians and businessmen. But also a binding site for foreign tourists who come to visit us bringing the explicit recommendation to experience the typical portuguese food at Alfaia.

The pleasure at the table, the personalized service and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere have been the cornerstones of the longevity and vitality of Alfaia Restaurant over these more than 130 years. We invite you to live this experience, book your table, we are open every day except Sunday lunch. Come discover why at the Alfaia when we say goodbye we always say ‘See you soon!’

Everything prepared to you with great taste

Based on a sober and contemporary decor, sprinkled with visual references to the long life history of Alfaia, the atmosphere is very welcoming, more bright and inviting during the day and intimate by night.

Either for a business meeting, romantic dinner, family reunion, company event, group party, birthdays… anything is possible. Just ask and we suggest alternatives that will best meet your needs. We will do everything to meet your needs with great taste.

Each room has a capacity for about 30 people at the Alfaia you’ll find 3 spaces with distinct table options: 2 main rooms (48 + 34 seats) one of which is for smokers – a nice area with good ventilation; A private room with a single table (28 seats), and the terrace (32 seats) which puts you in the center of all the fun street of Bairro Alto.

You can also enjoy wine and snacks in Portuguese Wine Bar Alfaia, which is just next door, with a tasting room and gourmet shop, where the specialty are the ‘perfect pairings’ of wine and tapas. Flavors to taste, enjoy and ask for more!

One of the oldest restaurants in Lisbon

To get to the origins of Alfaia Restaurant you have to go back to the XIX century. The known references of the ‘Alfaia House’ and their tasty meals date from 1880. Since then it began to gain the fame that made it a reference of the typical Portuguese food for more than a century now.

Since its founding, the Alfaia had only 4 owners that have preserved to this day its original spirit. The family atmosphere, the friendly service and the care in the selection of traditional fresh ingredients and the finest wines.

Indispensable and much appreciated by those who visit Lisbon, Restaurant Alfaia is now recognized around the world for its simple and tasty cuisine, which arouse memorable emotions and share moments of conviviality and unforgettable pleasures.

In Bairro Alto life is more intense and lively

The history of the Alfaia Restaurant melts with the history and origins of the Bairro Alto, a privileged place of amusement known for the best nightlife in Lisbon. The Alfaia Restaurant is right in the heart of the district, in the Travessa da Queimada, nº 22 at the corner of Diário Notícias street. Here, among a forkful and another there is always room for a chat, which invariably feeds in memory of flavors and authentic traditions of Portugal and the intensity of the life in the neighborhood. Here the most appreciated pleasures are still intense and shared. The Bairro Alto has a special atmosphere that comes from his identity and which has been renewed every year jamming traditions and modernity. In these Neighborhoods the days, and especially the nights, has a unique ingredient – a certain spirit of provocative charm and seduction.

Restaurant Alfaia. The taste of the typical portuguese food.


Non-smoking room (48 lug)

Ventilated smoking room (34 lug)

Private room with a single table (28 lug)

Terrace in the Bairro Alto cobbled streets (32 lug)

And the near Wine Bar dedicated to tapas&wine tasting