Restaurante Alfaia


since 1880

>OPEN EVERYDAY from 12am to 02 am
Kitchen closes at 01am - Terrace closes at midnight

OPEN EVERYDAY from 12am to 02am - Kitchen closes at 01am - Terrace closes at midnight


Chef’s flavours

Octopus Fillet with Clams Rice
John Dory Fillets with Coriander açorda.
Cod Fish and Prawns Bread Stew (açorda) with Egg.
Cuttlefish Bulhão Pato Style with Açorda.
Squid Stuffed with Rice.
Hake Fresh Roes Grilled with Bread Stew (açorda).
Squid Tentacles with Tomato Rice.
Mixed Fried Fishes with ‘watery’ Rice.
Seasoned Pork (rojões) with Rice ‘Sarrabulho’.
Entrecot in Garlic Marinade Fried with Rice and Beans.
Oxtail Stewed in Red Wine.
Veal Little Feet with Chickpeas.
‘Tripas/Dobrada’ Oporto Style.
Fresh Sausages Rolled in Savoy Cabbages.
British Style Roast Beef.
Lamb Stew.
Alentejo Yearling Roasted with Little Patatoes and Spinach.


Fish Soup
Alentejo Style Soup.
Vegetables Soup.
Green Broth Portuguese Soup (cabbage).


Cod Fish Cakes without garnish (Unit).
Bulhão Pato Style Clams.
Fried Prawns in Olive Oil and Garlic.
Little Sardines (Jaquinzinhos/ Petingas) without Garnish.
Octopus Salad
Dose of Grilled Medium Size Prawns 300Grs.
Dose of Shrimp Medium size Fried in Olive Oil and Garlic.
Wild Mushrooms with Bacon.
Melon with Serrano Ham.
Asparagus with Vinaigrette Dressing.
Rice blood sausage (morcela).
Hunt smoked sausage.
Pata Negra Ham (Alentejo).


Bread Basket.
Butter individual.
Fleshy Olives.
Dose of Serrano Ham.
Fresh cheese.
Nisa cheese.
Creamy Cheese of Azeitão.


Prawn Omelette.
Mushroom Omelette.
Cheese Omelette.
Spanish Tortilla.


Mixed Salad.
Tomato Salad.
Tuna Salad.
Ventresca Tuna Salad.


Alentejo Style Bread Stew (Açorda) with sautéed vegetables.
Vegetables Tortilla.


Fried Skate in Olive Oil with Oregano and Coriander Açorda.
Grilled Tuna Fillet in Hot Olive Oil and punched potatos.
Prawn Bread Stew (Açorda).
Grilled Squids.
Swordfish Steak with Butter Sauce.
Grilled Fresh Salmon.
Grilled Gilt-Head Bream.
Octopus in Olive Oil (lagareiro).
Grilled Seabass.
Grilled Cod Fish with Hot Olive Oil and Garlic.
Grilled Sole with Sautéed Vegetables.
Stew Fish Sea
Octopus with ‘Watery’ Rice (malandrinho).
Grilled of Mixed Fishes.

Cod Fish

Cod Fish Fried Cake with Rice and Beans.
Grilled Cod Fish Lagareiro style.
Zé do Pipo style Cod Fish.
Sliced Cod fish with portuguese cabbage, topped with corn bread.
Oven Cod Fish Minho Style.
Braz Style Cod Fish.
Cod Fish with Cream.
Cod Fish Cake with Tomato Rice.

Shell Fish

Rice with Prawns and Clams.
Rice Seafood 2 People.
Baby Lobster braised.
Giant Tiger Shrimp grilled by KG.
Grilled Medium Size Gamba.


Rice with Prawns and Clams.
Rice Seafood 2 People.
Baby Lobster braised.
Giant Tiger Shrimp grilled by KG.
Grilled Medium Size Gamba.

Certified Meat – Maronese Veal

Veal Cutlet.
Grilled Lombelo (by Demand).
Veal Entrecote.
Veal Chops.
Maronese Veal in the Pan with Fresh Mushrooms
Portobelo (by Demand).


Steak of the Alcatra Heart
Tornedó Loin with Mushrooms.
Sirloin Steak Portuguese Style.
Grelled Steak.

In Season

Green Beans with Entrecote and Sausages.
Peas with Poached Egg.
Fried Allis Shad with Eggs Açorda
Lamprey Bordelaise style.
Rice Lamprey Cabidela.

Hunt (by demand)

Hare Pie (Minimum 4 Persons).
Wild Rabbit Rice with Chestnuts.
Wild Rabbit on coal (Minimum 3 Persons).


Pear in Port Wine with Lemon Sorbet.
Chocolate Parfait with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Sweet Eggs (Ovos Moles).
Fresh Mango with Lemon Sorbet.
Sericaia with Plum of Elvas.
Pão de Ló
Sweet Noodles (Aletria).
Rice Pudding.

By your wishes

All dishes can be part of a menu of your preferences; to the day you ask, as long as arranged in advance. Talk with us! All dishes can be included in Group Menus.

You can also compose a menu of your preferences, send us your request and we will present a proposal.

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